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Oct. 20 2016

Stem Cells from Teeth May Aid Stroke Patients

A groundbreaking discovery during stem cell research of teeth may provide a boost in stroke therapy. A group of researchers determined that stem cells grow to resemble brain cells, something that cou

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Oct. 13 2016

Saliva Test May Uncover Deadly Diseases

A revolutionary saliva test may be on the way. UCLA researchers are working on a test that could have the ability to diagnose diseases like diabetes and cancer. It’s also possible the test could diag

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Sep. 30 2016

Staying Up Late Can Give Kids Cavities

Adolescents who stay up late are almost 4 times as likely to suffer from tooth decay, according to a study from Sweden. Its researchers believe the increased risk is due to these children neglecting t

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Sep. 29 2016

The Value Of A Teeth X-Ray

When you hear the word "X-ray," there's a tendency to envision a youngster sitting around an ER waiting to see if he or she has a broken bone incurred playing sports or just horsing around. But X-rays

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Sep. 22 2016

Tooth Loss Could Prove to be Health Disaster

A recent study showed tooth loss could be disastrous for a person’s overall health. Researchers from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom determined that participants in a recent study (all of

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Sep. 21 2016

Oral Health Results Vary Based on Age

Parents are finally paying attention to a particularly important part of their children’s well-being—their oral health. A comprehensive study showed that nearly 72 percent of the 90,555 parents indic

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