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Sep. 14 2017

Crooked Bite May Indicate Early Life Stress

The first 1,000 days after conception strongly influence life expectancy and susceptibility to chronic diseases, according to the University of Washington (UW) School of Dentistry. For example, low bi

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Sep. 13 2017

Oral Bacteria May Interfere with Conception

Porphyromonas gingivalis, a bacterium associated with periodontal diseases, also may delay conception in young women, according to the University of Helsinki. The study comprised 256 healthy nonpregna

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Sep. 11 2017

Sleep Apnea Increases Blood Pressure and More

Sleep apnea can increase blood sugar and fat levels, stress hormones, and blood pressure, even if it’s left untreated for just a few days, according to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Sep. 5 2017

The A-B-Cs Of Tooth-Friendly School Lunches

It's the most wonderful time of the year... well, at least for parents: Back to school! And while you rejoice in rushing your little ones out the door -- books, pencils and jackets in tow -- you'll w

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Aug. 28 2017

Canker Sore On Tonsil? Here’s How To Deal

It feels like a sore throat, but you're not sick: What could it be? If you grab a mirror and peer into the back of your throat, you might find that what feels like a sore throat or swollen tonsils is

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Aug. 25 2017

Taking Care Of Swollen, Bleeding Gums

Gum problems can affect anyone. Whether you brushed too hard or flossed too vigorously, you've probably seen your gums turn red, become swollen or even bleed when you brush or floss. Healthy gums usua

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Aug. 18 2017

How To Brush Your Teeth. Yes, Seriously.

A Toronto-based periodontist with a gleaming smile, Johnstone says the technique on display is often the very approach dental professionals warn their patients not to use. "They are generally doing t

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Aug. 16 2017

We All Deserve Dental Care

Across Ontario, going to the dentist is financially out of reach for many people. This dilemma is well-known to physicians -- many of us regularly care for patients who have terrible dental problems t

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