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May. 30 2016

How To Build Strong Teeth

Strong teeth are healthy teeth, and the path to healthy teeth includes both eating the right foods and caring for your teeth the right way. According to the American Dental Association, the top reason

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May. 27 2016

What Is Tooth Enamel?

Have you ever wondered about tooth enamel? What is it? How important is it? How can you protect it? Here are the answers to all of your enamel questions. The enamel on your teeth is the hardest and m

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May. 26 2016

How Many Teeth Do We Have?

How many teeth do we have? Have you ever wondered that? Well, the answer depends on a few factors, the biggest factor being age. Children and adults have different sets of teeth. So, how many teeth do

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May. 19 2016

Oral Care For Kids With Canker Sores

If your child suffers from painful canker sores, don't neglect his routine oral care. Keeping your child's mouth clean will prevent more sores from appearing and will reduce the healing time.

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May. 18 2016

What To Do With A Canker Sore On Gum Tissue

Have you ever taken a sip of orange juice or a bite of hot spaghetti, only to feel a sharp sting on your gum? This is a common reaction when you have a canker sore. Everyone suffers from a canker sor

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May. 16 2016

Lodged Foreign Bodies

Small pieces of food — especially things like popcorn hulls — can get under your gums. If these pieces aren't removed, the area can get irritated, and even infected. What You Can Do If you feel some

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May. 13 2016

Tongue Piercing Pain And Complications

In spite of the expected tongue piercing pain, and the complications that can come with it, various types of piercings have existed for generations. The ancient Aztecs pierced their tongues to honor

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May. 12 2016

The Basics Of Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can be annoying, painful and unsightly. They can be caused by bacterial, viral or fungal infections, a loose orthodontic wire, a denture that doesn’t fit, or a sharp edge from a broken too

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May. 11 2016

Do You Have A Cracked Tooth?

Cracking a tooth may be easier than you think. It can happen from chewing on hard objects or foods like ice, nuts or hard candy. Accidents can cause a cracked tooth, especially those involving a blow

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May. 10 2016

What To Do If You Have A Cracked Molar

What should you do if you or anyone in your family has a cracked molar? Doing things like biting into ice or hard candy, or having a tooth grinding habit, can lead to a cracked tooth. Your molars are

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May. 6 2016

Three Types Of Toothache Remedies

Certain toothache remedies have been around for centuries, and fortunately their treatment and prevention has progressed so that most people can find relief right when they become uncomfortable.

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May. 4 2016

How To Protect Your Teeth During Sports

For some professional athletes, such as hockey players, losing a tooth during a game is both an expected accident and rite of passage. For the average hobbyist, however, it isn't so much an honor as i

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