Have a little Friday laugh with some dental jokes and trivia

June 08, 2018 by Dr. Andrew Smyth  •  Original Post

Dental Jokes & Trivia

Here are some silly jokes and oral health trivia that teachers and parents can share with children.


Q: What did the vampire say after the dentist finished checking his teeth?
A: Fang you very much!

Q: What do explorers call it when they go searching for fossil teeth?
A: A molar expedition!

Q: Why didn't the astronaut bring her toothbrush?
A: She thought that the moon had no cavities!

Q: Why did the male deer visit the orthodontist?
A: He wanted to get his buck teeth fixed!

Q: When the dentist went to the fair, what did he like even better than the roller coaster?
A: The fluor "ride"!



An elephant's tooth can weigh three kilograms? That's heavier than a big jug of milk!

Even though whales are very big, some of them don't have any teeth. Instead, they have rows of stiff hair like combs that take food out of the ocean.

Snails are very small but they can have thousands of tiny teeth all lined up in rows.

Minnows have teeth in their throat.

Rabbit's teeth never stop growing. They keep them worn down by gnawing on bark and other hard foods.

Lemon sharks grow a new set of teeth every two weeks. They grow more than 24,000 new teeth every year!

Every year in China, people celebrate a special holiday called "Love Your Teeth Day".

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