Smoking and the Impact on Surgery and Healing

March 29, 2019 by Dr. Andrew Smyth  •  Original Post

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Smoking and Surgeries

It’s not just oral health concerns you have to consider when smoking. Smokers have an increase in severe cardiovascular complications compared to nonsmokers. In fact, one study showed that smokers were 57 percent more likely to suffer from cardiac arrest, 73 percent more likely to have a stroke, and 80 percent more likely to have a heart attack. This is because smoking increases inflammation, which increases your chances of these complications.


Smoking’s Impact on Wound Healing

In addition to a higher risk of complications during surgery, research also shows a direct connection between smoking and delayed wound healing after surgery. If you’re a smoker and you need surgery on your mouth (or any part of your body), it’s important to understand how smoking impacts your healing. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in your body. Without this necessary oxygen, surgical wounds take longer to close, which increases the risk of infection. It also increases your chances of scarring. Additionally, orthopedic surgeries, which are those on your bones or joints, also take longer to heal.

While it’s hard to do, if you can quit smoking before your surgery, your body can heal faster and better. Within just a few days after quitting, your blood flow improves and your body starts to get more oxygen. Within four weeks of quitting, inflammatory cell response is reduced.

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