Friday Teeth Facts

September 28, 2018 by Dr. Andrew Smyth  •  Original Post

  • It is a weird belief that those who smile in school yearbook photos are more likely to have a successful career and marriage that those with dull or lifeless faces.

  • The most valuable tooth was that of Sir Issac Newton purchased by a Businessman for $4560. Which he used as a ring.

  • A couple of hundred years ago bad teeth were considered to be a rich man’s disease. It was only the rich people who could afford to eat sweet things like Queen Elizabeth I, who had very bad teeth.

  • In the dark ages, superstitions held that a person could cure his/her toothache or re-grow a lost tooth by obtaining a tooth from someone else. This tooth would have preferably come from a hanged criminal. It was believed that just the mere possession of such a tooth would work.

  • Cows do not have upper front teeth and their bottom ones never stop growing!

  • In the 18th century people would sell their teeth to the rich people, Who then used to make false teeth with them.(so replacement of teeth was seen from as early as 18th century)

  • The biggest shark species has the smallest teeth. The 12 metre long whale shark has more than 4,000 teeth, each only 3mm long.

  • New teeth are constantly being formed in rows in a shark’s jaw. Shark’s teeth are normally replaced every eight days.

  • The rats front teeth are constantly growing all through its life, this is the reason they bite into everything they see to get rid of the itching sensation due to growth of teeth.

  • Over 40%-50% of children will be affected by tooth decay before they reach 5years of age.

  • According to the May 2000 Surgeon General’s report, Oral health in America, more than 51 million school hours are lost due to Dental related problems.

  • Kids laugh around 400 times per day compared to the mere 15 times a day by grown ups.

  • 38.5 days is the number of days a person spends brushing his teeth in his whole lifetime.

  • According to a poll conducted 73% of people would rather go for grocery shopping rather than Floss his/her teeth.

  • While 9 million children in this nation do not have medical insurance, more than twice that number – 23 million- don not have dental insurance.

  • Of the 4 million children born each year, more than half will have cavities by the time they reach second grade.

  • For 25% of children the first visit to the emergency ward in hospitals is due to a Dental related problem.

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