Athletic Mouthguards

According to the American Dental Association, athletic mouthguards prevent over 200,000 injuries every year. Particularly in contact sports, athletic mouthguards can protect teeth from being knocked loose or knocked out.

By distributing the force of a blow equally among the entire mouth, athletic mouthguards can prevent painful injuries and save your family thousands of dollars in unnecessary dental work.

Athletically minded people in and around Fredericton may seek a mouthguard from a sporting goods store. This is a common choice for parents whose children are involved in sports, but also a ready option for people of all ages. These mouthguards, even the boil and bite variety, pale in comparison to those offered by the dentists here at York Dental.

Custom-fitted, professionally made mouthguards are superior for several reasons:

  • Material used in custom mouthguards is stronger
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Will not interrupt breathing or speech
  • Matched specifically to your teeth and offer substantially more support against impact

Athletic mouthguards offered at our office are made from exact models of your teeth. This allows us to ensure every tooth is properly protected, as well as to ensure your jaw and gums are supported. This level of protection is simply not available from store-bought varieties of mouthguards.